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Age Of Mecha™ Handguns

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Ages 15+! Not suitable for children! Small parts can be swallowed!

Age Of Mecha™ Handguns
3 different handguns in 6 different scales.
1/60, 1/35, 1/24, 1/18, 1/12, 1/6
Automatic Gun, Laser Gun and Revolver

Images show color proposals.

The download files will be provided in *.rar compression file archives.
To unpack the file contents, either use WinRar ( for windows, or The Unarchiver App (Apple App Store) for Mac OS. Both applications are free of charge.

The parts come in FORM ( for Form2 and Form3 printers, pre-supported) and STL file format (for all other printers, SLA, DLP and FDM, not pre-supported).

If you do not own or have immediate access to a printer, here's a list of online 3D printing services you can use:

We highly recommend to choose SLA or DLP printers!

FDM prints usually do not show the very fine detail, unless you scale up the parts

For SLA/DLP printers, we highly recommend to use the Resione M58 or Resione TH72 resins.
Resione M58  ResioneTH72

For near perfect prints, use the following settings:

Bottom Layers: 5
Bottom Layer Exposure Time: 50 seconds
Standard Layer Exposure Time: 4.5 seconds

Leave all other settings as recommended by the manufacturer:

Wash the parts in IPA (70%-99%) for 20 minutes.
UV post cure the parts for 20 minutes.

Assemble the parts after curing, to avoid dusting/powdering of the resin surface!

If you prefer a tight fit and don't want to exchange parts after assembly, you can use a
5.0 seconds layer exposure time.
If you prefer less tight fit for ongoing parts exchange, you can use a 4.0 seconds layer exposure time.

You can also mix any other of your prefered resins with Siraya Tech Tenacious (ideally 80/20 ratio).

The joint fits are quite tight in the beginning, so make sure to wiggle the parts together slowly and carefully to avoid breaking parts.
Should you still struggle to assemble the snap fit joints, place the parts in hot water for 30 seconds to soften them a bit, then assemble.
Some printed resin tends to shrink over time (the process can go on several weeks after print) until it has fully settled it's properties.
If the joints come loose, use small portions of modelling clay, like super sculpey to fill in the gaps.

Buy buying these files, you automatically agree to not share them and/or using them commercially in any way. This includes reselling/redistributing/sharing the files and/or the 3D printed or in any other way manufactured models based on these files.