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The Story Of


The early 21st century marked the beginning of global chaos. The advent of digitialization developed into an unprecedented division of mankind with people of all orientations and beliefs unwilling to overcome their differences to unite and tackle the massive global crises which were unfolding.

By the late 2030's, most of the world's nation states resigned from treaties and international organizations and resorted to armed conflicts over territory and resources.

By 2060, many of the former nation states collapsed from insurgencies and civil wars among its populations and many governments were replaced by corporate entities or warlords who were able to seize power by the use of private armies.

In 2075, remaining key countries of the former EU together with parts of Africa, China, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Japan and New Zealand attempted a renewal to form a democratic and free union, known as the Alliance. One of their key intends was to push forward scientific programs to find a solution for the energy crisis and global warming and stop the exploitation of natural resources and thus a further destruction of the planet. A huge amount of the world (formerly south American countries, Russia, USA, Mexico, India, most Arab and Asian countries) was then governed by a union of conglomerates and industry giants under a rule of a total free market with no regulations, backed by the combined forces of their private militaries. They became known as the Free World Association (FWA).

The rest of the world remained under the rule of a coalition of organized crime groups and warlords, known as the Sol Crime Cartel (SCC) who rose to power amidst the turmoil of the mid 21st century, refusing any diplomatic relations and agreements.

Although the FWA continued to exploit resources all over the world, they agreed on a peace plan with the Alliance, based on a mutually beneficial economic free trade agreement and on trying to reduce pollution on a global scale, since the planet came into a diminishing state that threatened the existence of life as we know it.

With peace guaranteed, the Alliance was able to combine their resources to find a solution to prevent the extinction of mankind and life on Earth altogether and came to a breakthrough in 2086 with the invention of mobile fusion reactors.

With virtually no energy costs and huge amounts of power output, these devices made space exploration and exploitation economically practicable and feasible. The Alliance and the FWA agreed on a transition of all resource exploitation to mining colonies in outer space and a global non conflict zone, working together (officially) to establish a solar supply chain for all needed resources on Earth  and to fight the Cartel which was still in control of about one third of the world's population.

Harsh conditions and rugged terrain on the gas giant's moons' established mining sites and ruined infrastructures and conditions in the uninhabitable zones on Earth made it necessary to develop a new kind of transportation, construction and defense device, versatile enough to traverse and work the most dangerous environments in our solar system.

By 2098, the Age Of Mecha™ began. Versatile 2-legged personal transports built from sturdy new materials were made possible by the immense power outputs of the mobile fusion reactors.

By 2115, Mecha were used in almost any regard: civilian, construction, transportation, police forces, medical, military. But most of all, Mecha were especially beneficial in resource exploitation in outer space mining colonies on Mars, the moons of  Jupiter and Saturn, and their defense against pirate and criminal  organizations.

It is now 2150 and the Age Of Mecha™ tells the stories of the brave people who pilot these metal beasts, on Earth and the colonies in outer space.